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How to Merge Duplicate Fan Pages

One last thing you may try - - I’ve noticed they’ve now added the ability for third parties to mark the duplicated page.

On any non-Community Page click `Report Page` -> `Duplicate or miscategorized Page` -> `Duplicate of another Page` -> Search for Community Page -> Click `Continue`.


EXAMPLE BELOW: I report that the Fan Page "Marquina" is a duplicate.

posted by Adam Desmond 7/21/11

What happens to the page once you have reported it and do you know what happens to the person that is an administrator for that page?

posted by 7/21/11

Hi Adam, Once you've reported the page you wait for Facebook to contact you. This will take a while. If the Page is actually a dupe, they will work with you to determine how to combine. The process could take months, as Facebooks' customer service is extremely slow. Wish I had a better answer for you.

posted by Monique Clark 7/25/11

Actually, Facebook now has a new user option!!!
If you stay logged in as an admin (not as your page) and visit your page and click "Edit Page", then click the resources tab, the second option is "Merge Duplicate Pages" which allows you to merge any similar pages you admin. The downside is that you need to manually claim all duplicates of your place (for me this was about 8 other places and took weeks!) but now I am able to merge all of them and retain all the checkins and fans from all pages.
Well done Facebook on finally offering a solution!

posted by Tony Lees 7/28/11

yes, I've seen the 'merge duplicate pages' BUT fb says there's no duplicate pages to merge for Reactiv Media when clearly there are.

I've also tried the 'report page / duplicate page' option, and again the duplicate page doesn't appear! It's very frustrating.

FB is far too complicated. The whole FB product needs simplying in my opinion.

posted by Boone Rodriguez 8/11/11

Hey there - the merge duplicate pages isn't there for me int he resources tab. Think maybe it's gone already? Or just not showing up for me... ?


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